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JellyBOX Rebuild Cable Ties Pack

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JellyBOX Rebuild Cable Ties Pack

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The JellyBOX re-build pack contains 300 pink and 200 white cable ties. You can use them to re-build the JellyBOX 4-5 times.


JellyBOX 3D printer kit is designed for re-builds. All you need for a new build are cable ties:

  • Pink, 5.84"/148mm, strap width .14"/3.55mm 
  • White, 4.12"/104.77mm, strap width .09"/2.41mm

We are using high-quality cable ties made in the USA by Advanced Cable Ties Inc.

Re-build pack contains  300 of pink and 200 of white cable ties.  

You can use them to make 4-5 rebuilds of the JellyBOX. 





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