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JellyBOX "Makers" DIY kit

JellyBOX "Makers" DIY kit

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The Makers Edition Kit is the full DIY experience.


  • experienced makers

  • 3D printer intermediates

  • “robotics kids”

  • college students

  • DIY buffs

  • engineering classes

  • mechatronics classes

  • robotics classes



In MAKERS kit nothing comes pre-assembled. You get all the learning there is. You will build your JellyBOX “from scratch.”

Still, no soldering or crimping necessary (= plug and play). All wires are cut to length, crimped & labeled. Control unit is pre-loaded with proper version of firmware (Marlin) to be ready-to-print after the build. 

Best for enthusiastic makers with technical background.

Option: Dual Filament Fans.

This upgrade swaps in a smaller, flat, special proximity sensor, and in its place install a 2nd filament cooling fan.

It's awesome for PLA and any filament that likes to be cooled. You get exactly twice as much cooling power, which is great for general surface quality, bridges, fast printing, and printing with big nozzles.

Also great for printing complex models in which parts may be shielded from the cool air if only one fan is in place.

Option: Heated Bed

Recommended for intermediate/advanced print masters or anyone who likes to experiment.

This upgrade allows you to heat up the build platform to up to 80°C.

It's great to reduce warping issues with any filament or when printing in cold cold rooms! 80°C is enough to comfortably print PETG (you can print PETG without heated bed, but it's a bit more difficult) and all commonly available 'special' blends. It also helps with PLA, but is not necessary.

This 'warm bed' is NOT hot enough to comfortably print ABS or polycarbonate. That being said, to print poly, you'd need to upgrade the hotend and add thermocouple anyway. That being said, we do not officially support ABS. The fumes are harmful. Just don't do it. Print PETG instead - it's also easier to print and often has better physical properties.

What’s in the “Makers’s” box

  • All Jellybox 3D printed parts
  • All Jellybox lasercut acrylic parts
  • All electronics
  • All wires (pre-crimped to size)
  • E3D Lite6 with 20mm meltzone (Volcano) upgrade
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • SD card
  • Online manual (full video; additional text)
  • Precision Cutters
  • Small Vice Grip
  • Metric 1.5 2 2.5 Hex Keys with ball end (Czech made)
  • Metric Imade3D custom wrench for M2, M3, M14 extruder nozzle and hex spacers M3
  • Grease and nut lock liquid
  • PLA filament samples for calibration and first print
  • Blue tape

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