JellyBOX Universal Hot End with nozzle 0.4mm

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JellyBOX assembled extruder is suitable for all versions of the JellyBOX. It has all high-quality components; original E3D heat sink and brass nozzle 0.4mm, IMAD3D Long Heating Zone and high-performance Capricorn XS PTFE.

JellyBOX Universal Hot End is dedicated for JellyBOX 2 and JellyBOX Original (JellyBOX ). JellyBOX extruder is made from the best quality components: - original E3D heat sink - original E3D brass nozzle 0.4mm - IMADE3D designed long zone (20mm) heat zone - high-performance PTFE Capricon XS - NTC thermistor insulated with the fiberglass sleeve Each hot-end is professionally assembled by IMADE3D, properly heat-tight and tested for leaks. Hot-end with the brass nozzle is suitable for all kind of normal hardness filaments, like PLA, TPU.

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