Plug and Play OctoPrint-IE KIT

  • Everything you need to outfit your JellyBOX with the power of OctoPrint
  • Plug and Play Setup; you only need to set your password and network name/password if you use the WiFi
  • Ethernet or WiFi Connection
  • Original RaspberryPi 3B+
  • High performance 32GB MicroSD pre-loaded with with OctoPi IE (IMADE3D Edition)
  • JellyBOX-integrated RaspberryPi power supply with pre-crimped wires
  • Support included

What’s in the box:

  • RaspberryPi 3B+
  • RaspberyPI 3B+ CPU Heatsink
  • High performance 32GB microSD card pre-loaded with OctoPi IE (IMADE3D Edition)
  • Lasercut spacers (4)
  • 3D printed stand-offs (2)
  • M3x45 sockethead screws (2)
  • M3x12 sockethead screws (6)
  • M3 Heat inserts (6)
  • M3x16 sockethead screws (6)
  • M3 locknuts (8)
  • USB-B cable
  • RPi JellyBOX-integrated power supply + pre-crimped wiring
  • Heavy duty toggle switch + pre-crimped wiring

Documentation and Help

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