RaspberryPi Power and Hardware Collection


Everything you need to integrate a Raspberry Pi (2,3,3B,3B+...) into your JellyBOX Original or 2. Includes all the hardware, wires, power supply, and spacers. Does NOT include Raspberry Pi, USB cable, or SD card. (See the Plug and Play KIT for all-in-one solution).


What's In the Box

- Lasercut spacers (4)

- 3D printed stand-offs (2)

- M3x45 sockethead screws (2)

- M3x12 sockethead screws (6)

- M3 Heat inserts (6)

- M3 locknuts (2)

- RPi integrated power supply + pre-crimped wiring

- Heavy duty toggle switch + pre-crimped wiring

" --------------------------------------

- You need to have your own Raspberry Pi, you will install the software on your own SD card, and you will use the USB cable that came with your JellyBOX (we can't guarantee other cables will work).

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