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  1. Heated Bed Upgrade

    Heated bed improves 3D print fist layer adhesion - allowing to print from various materials like PET-C, Nylon, etc. It improved also print for PLA filaments, reducing warping for big objects. It has a detachable Aluminum plate with PEI surface. The maximum temperature of the bed is limited to 80C. This temperature is fine for all common filaments except ABS (we do not recommend to use ABS in class for safety reason). Learn More
  2. JellyBOX Makers Kit

    As low as: $940.00

    The Makers Edition Kit is the full DIY experience.


    • experienced makers
    • 3D printer intermediates
    • “robotics kids”
    • college students
    • DIY buffs

    • engineering classes
    • mechatronics classes
    • robotics classes
    Learn More
  3. JellyBOX 2 "Easy-Build" DIY Kit - NEW!

    As low as: $990.00



    • DIY novices
    • 3D printing novices
    • parents with kids
    • teachers
    • chronically busy folks

    • in-class programs
    • after-school programs
    • libraries
    • summer camps
    • team building
    Learn More
  4. Remote JellyBOX Build

    Out of stock

    IMADE3D Remote Build Classes... all of the learning of in-person quick builds but available anytime, anywhere! Classes average 6 hours in length and take you through everything needed to build your JellyBOX and start printing in just a single day! Learn More
  5. Single Filament Fan

    Single filament fan provides filament cooling from one - left side of hot end. Learn More
  6. Cold Bed for JellyBOX 2

    The cold bed is a standard option, most suitable for printing from PLA materials. Build plate is from easy detachable 2.5mm Aluminum covered by the "painters" - blue tape. JellyBOX 2 cold bed construction allows an easy upgrade to the heated bed. Learn More
  7. JellyBOX Cable Ties Rebuild Pack

    The JellyBOX re-build pack contains 300 pink and 200 white cable ties. You can use them to re-build the JellyBOX 4-5 times. Learn More
  8. JellyBOX Filament "Multi-Color Variety 10 Pack" - 220g

    IMADE3D Filament - calibrated to work best with your JellyBOX! Learn More

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8 Item(s)